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Tytan Pictures is a full capability production house, with the experience and equipment to create deeply engaging films from pre-production to post-production and beyond. Our talented team of professional producers, directors, editors, cameramen, illustrators, designers, animators and more our continually working  hard to take our projects to the next level.  We are bringing new business and opportunity to Eatonton, Georgia and Putnam County and creating movies we can proud of along the journey.

About Us

Storm Soldiers II

Storm Soldiers II is the second installment of the Tytan Pictures project examining the lives and careers of the brave men and women who work in America’s electrical utility industry. Storm Soldiers provided a comprehensive look into what linemen do, why they do it, and how truly dangerous their work is.

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Love, Sweat & Tears

Dr. Pamela Dee Gaudry is on a mission to “Save The Menopausal Vaginas of America!” Her goal is to de-stigmatize Menopause by exposing the myths, sharing the facts, and confronting cultural and religious bias. The film is a heart felt journey filled with inspiration, tears, and laughter.

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Production Services

Our experienced production team is fully equipped to make any story the best it can be. With talented camera operators, sound designers, editors, and directors, we’re fully committed to doing our best on whatever we create. Our clients aren’t just satisfied with our productions—they love them.


Our edits make movies feel natural and alive, ready to enrapture viewers and take them to another world. With a wide range of talents, our editors transform the footage they’re given into the best project it can possibly be, and then they go beyond that to create something outstanding.

Location Scouting

Tytan’s location scouts are ready to find whatever space you need to film your movie your way. From a luxurious mansion to a dingy prison to a clean, crisp office, we can locate and commission the place that’s just right for you. Tytan knows just what to look for, and we’ll make sure you have the best.

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Tytan Pictures has a wide array of services available to assist your next production, view them all by clicking below!